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Kink - Cosmos - Titanium scooter bars

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Kink - Cosmos - Titanium scooter bars

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Please note- We are sold out of 620mm and 660mm HIC manufactured sizes, re-stock will be in the summer, but we can custom cut to your size. If you can not find the widths and height you need, please get in touch on our email custsomersevice@alchemyscooters.co.uk or our Instagram @alchemyscooterbrand

The Alchemy Cosmos bars have been over a year in development, making sure the final product was as clean as possible. They have been through a process of anodizing to create the unique colors that will make your set-up stand out from the rest.

The Alchemy Titanium Bars have been developed to be as light and strong as possible, utilizing the qualities found in grade 9 Titanium. Weighing less than 800g, they are almost weightless compared to steel or aluminum bars, making barspins and tailwhips easier and steezier.

These bars are a great addition to your current set-up if you are serious about progressing.

 We recommend the SCS compression system as it is the strongest. Those who would like to run HIC offer a cutting-down HIC compatible option; these are done by experienced professionals using the correct tools and techniques to keep the titanium's structural integrity intact.


  • Oversized
  • Width 610mm 
  • Height 720mmSCS 625HIC/660HIC 
  • Your bars be tailored to riders' preferred height.
  • HIC and SCS options are available
  • Side slit
  • Alchemy Logo lasered onto the bar.
  • Weight: ~800g
  • Grade 9 titanium 

 If you would like to extend to a 90-day warranty, you can add it as an optional extra and find it on the add-on drop-down tab.

PLEASE NOTE! Titanium is a high-grade metal, and any modification of these bars not done by us will void your warranty. These bars come with a 30 Day none negotiable warranty due to the nature of material this includes after we cut them to your size. Titanium is a strong and light material but can snap or break if mistreated over time.