Team Riders

We are fortunate to have one of the best teams of any UK brand, be sure to follow our riders if you are not already.

Joe Bell 

joe bell web image
Instagram? @joexbelll
Years riding? 4
First scooter? Zinc
Favourite trick? fullwhip
Dream trick? flair or quad kicky
3 favourite riders? Dylan morrison, Cody Flom, Jamie Hull
Favourite food? Pizza
Favourite skate park? Corby

Louie Williams

louie williams website image
Instagram? @louiewiliamsss
Years riding? 5 years
First scooter? Razor
Favourite trick? Whip buttercup
Dream trick? Bri butter bar
3 favourite riders? Angus hughes, Jake faram and Jayden Sharman
Favourite food? Chicken pasta
Favourite skate park? Asylum skatepark 


Ruby Floyd

Instagram? @rubyyfloyd
Years riding? Since birth
First scooter? Razor
Favourite trick? Whip bar
Dream trick? Bri butter
3 favourite riders? Elliot Vinsbol, Jake Faram, Max Butler
Favourite food? Pasta
Favourite skate park? Mount Hawke


Thomas Ashfield

tom ashifeld website image
Instagram? @thomasashfield
Years riding? 5
First scooter? Bob the builder razor
Favourite trick? Back flip kickless whip
Dream trick? Double flip
3 favourite riders? Juzzy cater, Cody flom, Dylan Morrisson
Favourite food? Chicken nuggets
Favourite skate park? Asylum