Alchemys story

Our mission is to:

Encourage the progression of scooter riders in pursuit of reaching their own potential

Our origin story:

Alchemy Scooters evolved from an idea of a brand being in direct contact with its community, creating a relationship instead of a transaction. At the start of 2020, an idea was born of a brand that connects like-minded individuals.

This has escalated into a brand that puts its community at the heart of every decision. The combination of a great product and a great community is a recipe for something beautiful. As a brand, we are excited to see what the future holds for us and those that choose to be a part of Alchemy.

The Alchemy logo was designed by our stunt scooter rider early in 2020 who entered an Instagram competition, the symbolism behind the logo is the alchemy symbol for air for our lightweight parts and a circle surrounding it to symbolise the community around us. 

Our principles

  • To Evolve and adapt to the needs of our community
  • To collaborate with our community and people within our industry is the key to increasing the speed at which problems are solved and customers are better served

cut bars image