Titanium scooter bars that fit you perfectly

So you can get more out of riding and progress faster

Kink - Ti bars

The benefits of Alchemy®

Tailored cutting service

We can professionally cut your bars to whatever size you require

Investing in progression

We are constantly thinking and implementing ways of motivating and encouraging progression within our community and we promise to continue to do that for as long as we exist

Optional extended warranty

We strive to provide the best value for our community and aim to serve their individual needs.

What we stand for

We believe in individualism, self expression and constant incremental progression. We believe that a scooter rider  shcould not be limited by their equipment.  

Alchemy is not just a brand, it is an attitude to life.

Alchemy Titanium bars

Kink - Black - Titanium scooter bars - Manufactured sizes Alchemy Scooters
  • One of the lightest Scooter bars on the market

    When weighed against other titanium scooters bars on the market, these were lighter

  • Space grade titanium

    These bars are crafted from grade 9 titanium which is extremely light, strong & resistant to corrosion

  • Tested since early 2019

    These bars were sold as Stockport Skate Shop Titanium scooter bars for over a year before Alchemy was born

  • Electroplated surface

    Our black bars are electroplated and thus far more resistant to scratches when compared to painted bars